Within the 10k Academy, each player is paired with a dedicated college mentor who guides them through the 4 pillars of being a student athlete. Each call is there for the player to find out what it is actually like to be a student-athlete at the college level.

what will my player gain from this?

A connection & perspective from an experienced player who has faced all of the same situations your son or daughter is currently facing.






- How did the mentor get recruited to that school?

- What was the mentors college recruitment process was like?

- What does a day in your life look like as a student athlete?

- How often do college teams train & play?

- What are college trainings like?

- What are your coaches like?

- What are your favorite & least favorite things about college sports?

- Have you ever thought about quitting or transferring?

- What gear do you get as a student athlete?

- What are the facilities like at the school?

- How is the alumni network on the team?
- How did the mentor decide what to study?

- What study & time management habits helps the mentor the most?

- What are classes like at the mentor's school?

- What are the class sizes?

- What are the professors like at that school?

- What is the school workload like at that school?

- What resources are on campus for academic help?

- What are the study spaces like on campus?

- How does the school work feel compared to high school?

- What are the advisors like at that school?
- What activities are available outside of soccer are available on campus?

- What do most kids do on their day off in college?

- What habits helped the mentor get to where they are today?

- What values helped the mentor get to where they are today?
- How many kids go to the mentors school?

- What is the social scene like at your school?

- Who does the mentor primarily hangout with while at school?

- What do kids at that school usually do on the weekends?

- What is the mentors' favorite and least favorite thing about the social scene at that school?

- What other activities or things to do are close to that school?


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